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Due to its safety and convenience, propane tank exchange has quickly become the method of choice for most consumers’ outdoor grilling needs.  Lava Propane’s convenient, dependable, and labor saving tank exchange is available at your retail location.

Lava Propane and Patio provides it’s customers, at no cost, a locking storage cabinet and an inventory of fresh tanks to support your use.  You only pay for the propane used; no hassles or added charges.  Your delivery schedule will vary according to your needs, but we are always available when needed.

We also have 33.5 Pound aluminum cylinder forklift tanks for your business needs. We offer a tank exchange program based on the needs of your business. These tanks are lighter steel that are ergonomically better for your employees.

Lava Propane inspects and fills each of its tanks to a minimum net weight of 17 lbs giving the consumer approximately 2 hours (12%) MORE burn time. Most Competitors are filling to only 15 lbs. net weight of propane.

Eliminate the hassle and inconvenience of filling up old, grungy tanks for customers, or wondering if your current provider will show up before you run out.  Our tanks are free from grease and grime and ready to “fuel the fun”.

All of our propane tanks are safety tested and filled to meet DOT requirements. Let us handle your propane requirements the safe, dependable and efficient way.

If you are interested in becoming one of our retail partners, please fill out the form below.  For general information about Lava Propane products and services, please contact us at the info below.  We look forward to working with you.

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