Lava Propane Home Delivery

Tired of loading that propane tank in your car? For less than you think, Lava Propane and Patio will come to you with a filled, fresh and clean tank. With our 20lb. (propane grills and heaters) and 30lb. (RV) home delivery service. We offer home delivery services similar to those offered from bottled water companies. Convenience and value for those who love the outdoors!

South Carlsbad Home Delivery

Lava Propane distributes the highest quality, inspected, precision filled tanks

AS LOW AS $25.99*
*As Low As price with no-rush delivery discount and multitank discount
Order by Monday for Thursday Delivery

Exchanges are for when you have a qualifying OPD tank (triangular hand wheel) that you will trade for our full delivered tank. A qualifying exchange must also be in good condition, with a working valve and cannot have excess rust. We trade ownership of the tanks, and now you own the tank we deliver and we take ownership of the empty tank we pick up.

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